dinsdag 28 november 2017

Hot chocolate and whiped cream :)

I've filled the mugs with hot chocolate (a mixture of Fimo Liquid and soft pastels), whiped cream (which turned out better than expected eventhough I didn't have the right tools for it) and marshmallows (which turned out not as good as I'd hoped xD).
I also handmade an mini minature version of the gingerbread man, but he's still a bit too large for the mug :')

And now I'm just a bit in love with those cute little mugs :) I can't believe I managed that, so I'm especially grateful for all those miniaturist who take time to make and post tutorials <3

Tutorials I (partly) used:

maandag 27 november 2017

Making mugs and Christmas candy

After I made a new batch of gingerbread men, this time making them a bit more sturdy and lighter brown, I also tried candy canes again and even peppermints.
And with all that candy, next thing I needed to have were drinks, right? :)
I tried this one from red Fimo first out of a solid cone, which I hollow out with a drill bit (yeah, really :P). 

Based on a mix of different tutorials (I'll give the links at the end of this blog), I tried other mugs as well. I made a longer Fimo cane, that fitted into a mug I once bought and baked it before cutting it in pieces. Wrapped in aluminum foil and then Fimo, I baked them again, after which I cut the end that wasn't the neatest looking, and removed the Fimo cane/mould and the foil. The hardest part was adding the handles, and making them look as much the same as I could.

I draw the snowman and the words first with pencil, painted the snowman with acryl paint using an embossing tool. The words were too challenging for me, so in the end I just used a black fineliner (a)

Before I varnished them with Fimo gloss, I tried it first with a little cup and saucer I made as well, to see if the fineliner would not blend together.

I love them already but of course now they needs hot chocolate and whiped cream and marshmallows, but that's for the next blog ;)

Tutorials I (partly) used:

maandag 13 november 2017

A bunch of things

Life has been so chaotic this last month that I've spend nearly as much time in the mini world as I would have liked.
But still, I've managed to work on some crafts, so I thought I just squeezed it all in one blog (a) Maybe that way I can finally get back to the cottage ghe ghe

After I'd made the Hogwarts trunk I had some fun with these marbles from De Knikkerprins (word play on the frog prince) and made some fisherman floats.

Then I started making cushions, which turned out to be a new addiction ^^
First I made some Halloween themed cushions for my Etsy store. To my surprise they were sold within 48 hours o.O

I started making a dress for Sophie from the Quill shop ...

... but got distracted by the mold I'd bought at Georgia Marfels' at the fair in Rijswijk. So I had an enjoyable afternoon making Gingerbread Man Cookies ;)

Being in the Christmas mood by then I made some cute Santa cushions, on even finer embroidery mesh, which are in my Etsy store since yesterday.

Switching back to Halloween, I've made  a smoked filled globe with spider. Total length 8 cm.
It's based on this 1:1 tutorial.

And last but not least; we've had two afternoons with our crafts group. We started a macrame cushion the first time, and worked on walls and window last wednesday. I finshed the walls the next days on my own. The next time we will work on something new for this roombox together.

zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

Fair in Rijswijk - fall edition :)

Today I went to the fair in Rijswijk again, for the fourth time in a row, and I'd had a wonderful time
Again I could get a ride with Jolinda, and we arrived at a quarter past nine. While Jolinda went through the back entrance to join the Minidoor team, I got in through the front of course and had to wait till the fair opened at ten o'clock.

In the train back I discovered that I'd forgotten to take photo's while at the fair, but I guessed that would have been the seen pictures I showed you in earlier blogs about Rijswijk ^^
So, let me just show you the many pretties I bought. I have to make new listings for my Etsy store soon because I'm totally broke lol

My precious xD

For new crochet projects

Very nice embroidery fabric and special needles

Already thinking about Christmas xD

Couldn't resist them. 1 euro each. Will find a purpose.

Never worked with a mold, so ... And more gorgeous fabric.

Christmas fabric and the black for new Halloween cushions?
Finally I can start making flowers (a) and some nice kits.

And last but not least, treasures from Georgia Marfels!

Very hard to choose but I love this Cornish Pixie <3

Besides looking at all those wonderful miniatures at the fair, it is always great to see familiair faces, met new people, either from (web)shops of from FB groups.

Today I enjoyed meeting Wendy, Stefan, Louise, Georgia, Thea, Anja and many more. And it was great getting to know Esther (All 4 dolls) in person after all the FB messages :)

So, I feel like a very happy, exhausted, but grateful person!

donderdag 21 september 2017

How to make an Hogwarts steamer trunk part 3

 (for part 2: here)

The metal looking details for the trunk were the most time-consuming part of the process. Especially glueing them :') I started with Tacky glue but that didn't work well enough, so in the end I used Super glue.

I made them from aluminum small and large tea light cups. Could have just drawn and cut them but for the first parts I used brass embossing stencils I had.

I cut them, made same tiny holes at both ends by piercing them and glued them. Super glue was needed ;)

Four on the front, four on the back and on to the next parts.

I forgot to show before, but this is how I tried to make them look less shiny and new. First I sanded the aluminum, I added a bit of black nail polish and then dabbed it with a paper towel before it dried completely. If there's still too much black, you could use some sand paper as well.

For the corner parts I drew the shape with a pencil on the aluminum and cut it with sharp siccors. Repeated that multiple times before I had a shape that fitted the corned and looked half way decent (a)

After a cut the parts for the eight corners. A bit too much black so I sanded them a bit. 

I punctured then on all three corners (with the silver side up), and made the holes for the side of the trunk a little bigger.

I've forgotten to take photo's when I made the longer metal strips but the process is the same.

The only thing missing are the locks but for those I'll look in Rijswijk at the fair next month :)

All in all, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. And though I normally need a tutorial or something to get started and make my own version of something, it was once trying to work this out on my own with only the movie stills for inspiration.

I hope you like following the process and if you want to know something about that, don't hesitate to contact me, here or on my Facebook page :)

maandag 11 september 2017

How to make an Hogwarts steamer trunk part 2

After part 1 it was time to start adding bits and pieces to the trunk.

First I cut the died fabric cord in four equal parts of approx.
20 cm. I glued two in the lines I drew in the middle and two 
on the outside so they cover the wood seams. Once that had
dried, I glued the ends on the front and cut the excess cord.

I made two equal paper templates for the handles,
glued them with Tacky glue to the back of a
scrap of thin leather.

After I cut them out carefully, I made some very small strips
for aluminum and folded it around one side of the leather.
I used part of a matt silver coloured paper fastener,
but you could also use an aluminum tea light cup.

Before I attached the handles to the trunk I coloured the back of
the handles. Just to hide the paper. And I also decided to give the
outside of the trunk a coat of matt varnish first.

I resized and printed the Hogwarts logo.

And added Draco's initials :)
Here's also a look at the handles.

The further I got, the more I felt that the
greenish cord wasn't what the trunk needed.
So I cut 5 mm strips of black leather but
they just looked to new and shiny.

So, I decided on this brown leather.
A bit snake-like, so that seemed appropriate
for a Slytherin ;)

I found a nice green paper with a classy pattern
and glued that with wood glue on the inside of
the trunk. From the brow leather I cut four
strips and glued two together twice. I added tiny
pieces of aluminum from a tealight cup on the ends.

So, almost done with the inside. In the next part
I'll show you how to add the metal details on the outside
and show you the finished trunk :)